The Home Team


Lynn Padetha

Executive Producer | Director | DoP

American-born, Burmese Re-Pat. 12 years of Features, TV, Commercials, Music Videos. Loves Sushi and Video Games.

Favorite Movies: Inception, The Wind Rises

Languages: English, Burmese, (French when drinking)


Jenny Zhang

Producer | Senior Account Executive

6 years in TV, 3 years in TVC. Loves bunnies. Plants trees.

Number of Cell Phones: 3

Languages: Burmese, Thai, English, (A little bit of Mandarin)


Su Myat Mon

Editor | Digital Imaging Technician

9 years cutting TV shows, Music Videos and TV Commercials. Loves dogs.

Number of Dogs: 8

Languages: Burmese, English


Thuzar Wai Lwin

Office Admin | Production Manager

Spends 5 hours a day on a bus just to get to and from work. Never a minute late.

Favorite Korean Drama: F4

Languages: Burmese, English, (Korean when watching TV)


Amy Htun

Wardrobe Stylist | Treatment Designer